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About Us

   Dallas Brothers was unofficially formed in 2002. Two brothers who love to play games decided to create their own party game. Nate Dallas was a store manager at a big-box bookstore while in grad school. He was constantly watching people pay high prices for mediocre games that failed to engage everyone in the room. Nate reached out to his brother, Ben, with a proposition to join him on a quest to make a new group party game.

   A game was created, play-tested, and refined into a real working product that made people happy. That game was licensed to Mattel Inc. and sold as Pictionary Mania in 30 countries. Although elated to have a product on the shelves, and to have a relationship with the largest toy company in the world, the brothers were not happy with the final edits and gameplay. They set out to make another party game, which was licensed to a smaller company and sold as Whirled Peas. It was released in Barnes and Noble at a perfectly bad time during a recession when titles were being cut and shelf space was shrinking and stores were closing.

    After two frustrating deals with other companies, Nate decided to self produce Corked in 2013 with a unique selling proposition. If people were getting together with friends, having drinks and playing games, why not sell a game in a wine bag. It had never been done before, but this concept proved to be a good strategy and the game took off. Instead of the toy store, the game is mostly sold in gift shops and wine boutiques.

    Mime Control was produced in the fall of 2015. It's still new to the market, but the popularity is growing.

   The market is proving that people appreciate action-packed games with quality content for under $20. Game Night is making a big comeback and people are rediscovering the joy and excitement of competing and laughing with their friends and family.

   Dallas Brothers plans to keep building engaging products that bring people together.      

We think that people should play more!(with real people)